About Ranger Davie

My name is Ranger Davie and I love educating the public about topics I know a lot about. My main topic of interest is the wild, however I love teaching about my other interests in life.

I have had many years as a formal teacher and several years as a part time (and full time) Ranger. As a result I have combined the two on numerous occasions to teach anyone willing to listen to me about all things wild. I love talking about conservation as well as wonderful things to see and do out here in the beautiful open areas. I thought this website would be a great way for me to spread my message to the world. And hopefully I can convince a young person or two to take up a conservation lifestyle.

I will also post about different teaching methods I use. I keep up with a lot of the new methods through study and am happy to share them here with you.

So, sit back and enjoy my website. I know I will have a great time putting it together!

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss anything or any suggested posts you would like to see. You can contact me here.