Living Wild

I’m sure you have heard about people that have turned their backs on society and just walked off into the wild to live a life of solitude. Whether it was because life just became too hard for them or maybe they were on the run from the law, they all had their own story of why they did it. It’s weird because as a human race we have evolved over the millennia from living in caves and under trees into what today we called civilized. Some people want to go back! My opinion is “Each to their own”. You can do what you want.

As a nature lover I find it interesting and have had a look across the internet for some of the more interesting stories of people who have chosen this lifestyle. Here are my favorite three.



Photo credit: Wikipedia

Christopher McCandless

This is one of the more famous stories about people turning their backs on society. You may have read¬†Christopher McCandless story from the very excellent book or maybe you have seen the movie (both titled “Into the Wild”). His story involves him leaving his family as a well educated man to chase his dreams of living life on his own terms. It leads him all over the United States of America and ultimately end with him trying to live in the wild in Alaska. Unfortunately his story does not have a happy ending with him starving to death. At least he did it his own way.



Photo: Maine Department of Public Safety via AP

Christopher Knight

Christopher lived in the wild for 27 years. His home was a campsite in the state of Maine. He became known by the locals as the North Pond Hermit. Over the years he was responsible for over 1,000 robberies. These robberies were small in nature, and in most instances was just him finding himself food or clothing. A lot of locals ended up just leaving him some food and clothes at the back door so they didn’t have to keep fixing their locks from the break in. He was finally caught in 2013 and is currently behind bars. Here’s an article giving more details.


Northwoods, Wisconsin

Photo credit – Flickr

Brent Ladd

Brent got tired of his life and became deeply depressed in the way his life was headed.¬† He wasn’t enjoying his career and was going through a divorce. So he went on and set up camp in the natural reserves of Northwoods, Wisconsin. Brett turned his back on society slowly. He still did the odd job for locals in exchange for food in the early days, but camped out in the open, often hearing nature just outside his camp. He trapped his own food and wore their skin as clothing. Here’s the story from his mouth.


Yes, it’s an interesting life choice, not one I would want to do personally. But there is something about living as one with nature that is very enticing. Just you, all alone, with no one to bother you. On life’s hard days that does sound like paradise. I could imagine doing that – living and eating like we use to thousands of years ago. I think I’d be picking a warm place to do it though. Those cold winters some of these guys choose don’t sound like much fun at all!